06 October, 2009

R.E.S.P.E.C.T -->NOT!

Well, I have been watching the news and just paying attention to local, state, national and world events and this is what I have observed. Let me preface this by saying if this does not apply to you do no take it personally -- but I am recognizing the blatant disrespect that many Caucasian(White)people have for our President Barack Obama.

Now I make this statement after having conversations with MY FRIENDS white & black alike. And WE ALL have recognized the same things.

All other Presidents are addressed formally as PRESIDENT so & so but noooo the media outlets float between Barack Obama, Barack, Mr. Obama and President Obama. When has it been OK to address the PRESIDENT any other way other PRESIDENT?? I mean come on?!

The whole Joe Wilson "You Lie" situation - when has it been OK to shout at our President?! This isn't Parliament, some sports game or some college debate!

You have been at work and have heard the water cooler conversations, talk radio and home conversations that people have been having about our President.

Now I am calling upon you all the be really be honest. You know I am being truthful and I do not dive into the race pool without reason. I really don't want to say it is race but dammit it is what it is! I may not agree with President Obama on his policies and his decisions but dang gone he is still my ELECTED PRESIDENT!! My goodness, I mean come on -- is it that deep that you all do not want a black President??? I mean really??? Is it that serious?!

I for one could not stand -- and I will repeat I COULD NOT STAND President George W. Bush but I was never disrecptful in my reference or addressing him. These days these people all but spit in President Obama's face and try to treat and talk to him like he a common man.

Well hello people all that stopped when he was elected President! YOU MAY NOT HAVE ELECTED HIM -- but he was elected by the people and for the people no less.

So chill and stop with the foolishness and disrespect because it is really ridiculous and insult to us who see the office of PRESIDENT as a highly regarded and respectful position.

That's my two cents!

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