05 October, 2009

A new beginning...or so I think?!

Well, hello world! I have been wanting to do this for a while and for whatever reasons I have just started this today. Let me give you some background on who I am before I(we) proceed. My full name is Fawn Nicole Rhodes, I was born in Wilmington, NC where I currently reside. However, I have not always lived in the beautiful state of North Carolina, I have also lived in Georgia & Pennsylvania. Now that we did the geography lesson, I am a 36-year old single mother to an energetic 2 year old boy, I have some higher education although I have not completed my degree, which we will get into discussion on this blog. Lets see, I tend to be a pretty open woman about most topics and as the saying goes I am not so "heavenly minded that I am no earthly good", again you will understand more about this statement later. I enjoy cooking, reading, listening to music, being in the company of family and friends and most of all I enjoy my solitude!! I am a gadget/media head -- love gadgets and I am a YouTube addict.

So that is the gist of it..As we move further you will learn more and hopefully you will find similarities in your life, points you agree with or hdisagree with and as I grow --- you grow. So without further delay, lets get right into the meat and potatoes...as one of my favorite video blogs Qaadir aka Timaya would say.

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  1. Fawn, it is good to see you blogging. I am getting such a kick out of reading about your life. I was sitting here, falling asleep at the computer. I started reading your posts and woke up. Girl, you took my sleep away. Keep posting!