23 November, 2009

Happy Thanks GIVING = A Helping Hand

Today is one of those introspective days for me.

I realize that I am talented.

Sadly. I have know clue how to channel it or put it to use. I feel like at every turn when I attempt to be of service or use, I am blocked at every point. I know we still press forward so that you may over come adversity. However, there are times in our lives that we must realize many of us DO NOT not want a hand-OUT!! A hand-UP is much better! Trust me when I say SOMEONE helped you accomplish your goals in some form. No one is asking you to invest your energy into someone who is not worth it. Hence the scripture "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces." Matthew 7:6*

Although, people if you honestly see someone who YOU know is talented, You KNOW they are definitely making an effort to improve their lives. Stop standing as a bystander offering WORDS of encouragement. Why not put in some SWEAT Equity into their lives and HONESTLY help them? Do it in such a way where they do not feel like a charity case, that you're being judgmental or feeling SYMPATHY for them. Have some empathy for them. Do you all know the difference between Sympathy and Empathy?

Sympathy is when you feel FOR the person; you’re sorry FOR them or pity them, but you don’t specifically understand what they’re feeling.

Empathy is when you feel WITH the person. To an extent you are placing yourself in that person’s place, have a good sense of what they feel, and understand their feelings to a certain degree.

Everyone is not at the pinnacle of success or has reached a platform in their lives where they are COMFORTABLE. Some of us are still attempting to kick down doors, knock down walls, climb over fences, go through windows when doors have been shut, climb trees and walk on roofs when windows been locked...basically doing whatever however to make their dreams and goals a reality too! Just because you have reached your goals LOOK AROUND there are many of us who still have NOT!!

I am sure if you took the time, you would see there are people in your immediate circle that could benefit from your assistance. You don't have to seek some volunteer organization, a youth group, senior citizen home or a non-profit organization. You have family & friends that you can seed into and see an immediate return on your investment. All investments do not reap dividends over night. They all take time. Just continue to seed into your investment. Also let me clarify seeding into an investment does not mean finances at ALL TIMES. Sometimes you do what is needed at that time. Sometimes it could be assisting someone get a job, get back in school, improving their resume, connecting them with someone in YOUR network that may help them even more than you, give them a book to read, drive them to an interview, pick them up/take them to work. Maybe doing something for their children (if they have children) that otherwise would not be done. Take the kids out on a day trip, whatever you can think of. Evaluate each circumstance and see where you can help.

Once you invest into this individual do not be boastful about your investment.

Do what you do with purity -- from a pure heart and in silence.

No one else needs to do know that you "hooked up" Jeanetta with your friend who makes web pages. Or that you had to leave work early to take Bryan to a job interview. Or that you "made some calls" so that Andrew could get the job. Or that you paid for Laurens tuition/books! It is no ones business except you and God the things that you do.

If you want a blessing BE A BLESSING.

So this Thanksgiving dont just be grateful for what you have. How about lending a hand-UP to others so they too can be Thankful that you have been a blessing in their lives AND Thankful that you have chosen them to be a recipient of your LOVE & WISDOM!

*(New International Version, Holy Bible)

Buffoonery & Foolisness

Now that we are post-AMAs (American Music Awards) it behooves me to blog on the last performance given by American Idol runner-up Alex Lambert. I was so appalled by his performance. He simulated Oral sex on the stage not once, or twice but several times through out the performance. We shall not talk about the vocals, they were horrific in themselves.

I am sick.
Sick of Television & Music Media taking advantage of the public intelligence and integrity.

It appears that we as an American viewership have been leveled down to the brain capacity of baboons. And I for one am tired of it! Last night watching the American Music Awards freak show was just it for me. I have been on this steady decline of watching TV for sometime now and have been completely content with using my laptop as my means of viewing quality programming THAT I HAVE SELECTED and not what another deems to be quality for me. Don't get me wrong, there are some decent channels History Channel, A&E, Discovery...however many of these channels are per a cable subscription and if you are operating within a budget you are subject to your local channels plus some video channels that may be free.

Many of these popular shows that so many people LOVE & ADORE are on my **ish list. I can not stand any of the Soap Operas, I refuse to watch Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE, or etc...

Some of you may say AW WW Fawn, you are just a prude and taking it to serious and too far. Uh NO I am not to both statements. I am a grown Sexually happy woman. I am comfortable with who I am. Trust those who are close to me can vouch for it. But there comes a time when DAMN do we have to be subjected to the buffoonery and foolishness that is broad casted over these television/radio/satellite waves?? It does not matter the ethnicity of those partaking in the buffoonery and foolishness. Before I get those who say I am talking about black programming i.e. BET, hey if the shoe fits!!

However, I am talking about ALL programming.

And I do mean ALL!!

I had someone say to me, I was upset about the Adam Lamberts performance because he was gay. Again, those who know me, know that statement incited nothing but fire missiles back at that person because hoonay I love my Gays, WORD! LOL!! I am the furthest thing from Homophobic.

Respect, Integrity, Intelligence, Morals, and just overall good programming transcends sexual orientation and race. As I told this person, When Madonna did it on the AMAs in the late 90s I hated it then. Every time I see a Music artist create a video and they simulate that foolishness in there I hate it too. Can somethings just be left to the privacy of our own bedrooms??? Does every dog gone thing have to be publicly viewed? I mean I know sex sells, I am not that naive, however can we have just a little restraint? JUST A LITTLE, leave a little to our imaginations you know??

Where are our standards?

Whenever I turn the television on do I have to question what is going to be presented to me? We are living in a time where the youth of today are completely desensitized to integrity and quality of programming. They have seen and heard so much that EVERYTHING is OK and acceptable. From clothing, to how they act in school, to what they listen to, to what they eat and what they drink. Come on y'all when we were coming up, your parents would look at you sideways if you asked them to go to a Starbucks coffee shop and buy you some coffee. SAY WHAT? You want a Venti Caramel Mocha Latte?? You say you want a RED BULL or Crunk Juice?? Please you barely got a sip of their morning coffee let alone some gourmet artisan mixed coffee and had to beg for Hawaiian Punch!!

My point is where are our standards?????

Our parents understood what sugar did so hence many of us did not have much of it around our homes. Much of the food, drink, television and radio taste we have acquired occurred in our adult years through our own experimentation. Not through parental exposure. I have a two-year old and he watches TWO channels seriously! PBS kids and Nick Jr. And even then I am sitting there watching Yo Gabba Gabba real good to make sure he is not doing something questionable!!

We must become a stronger voice with these media conglomerates and let them know our outrage in what they are presenting to us. Somebody saw that dress rehearsal that Adam Lambert did and they STILL let him go through with that performance NOT QUESTIONING ONE IOTA that there would be a vast majority of us who honestly did not want to see that foolishness!

Oh well, back to the internet I go for my select programming at least there I can select what I personally watch and not be forced fed buffoonery and foolishness!