25 September, 2010

Judgement Day...

**Well first I want to say, it is has been 8 months since I last visited my blog.  I could write some creative excuse, however honestly I have not felt inspired or motivated.  I didn't really feel like sharing the ups & downs of everyday life.  So you ask, well what prompted you to write today? Don't know, just knew I needed an area to get it out.**

At every phase in our lives we will be judged whether we want to or not.  You are judged in the womb, whether you are a reactive baby to specific things or if you are constantly moving.  Little Johnny will obviously love (fill in the blank) music because he just moves all around every time he hears it.  Little Amy will not like (fill in the blank) food because she keeps me up all night every time I eat it.  Fast forward to your preschool years its evident that Julius will become a musical protégé since his scribbling are indicative of composing.  Elementary school: Winona is going to have a type A personality because her homework, books and desk is always perfect.  She also has issues when things are not done within a certain timeline.  High school: Edward, is going to be a loser and drop out since he constantly sleeps through class and never responds when called upon. College:  Ramona,  will definitely be a successful, well known business woman because of (fill in the blank).

All your life you will constantly be judged for one reason or another.  Judging is perfectly fine when it fits within the parameters of things we find acceptable or positive.  

HOWEVER, when that judging is deemed critical or negative that is when we yell NOT FAIR!

If you are a follower of the Bible, which I am it says "By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them." Matthew 7: 16-20 

To that I like to add "so don't get angry when I survey your fruit!!!" hey I am not trying to add to God's word but I'm just saying...

I personally don't mind being judged, it is when that judgement is based on empirical data, stereotype or ignorance when I begin to take issue with being judged.  People have always applied their own labels to me, some assume that I am "stuck-up", "condescending", "wealthy", "insensitive", "user", "too sensitive", "weak", "easily intimidated" "calculated", "spiteful" the list goes on and on and those are just the "negative" comments.  I am not going out of my way to disprove your thoughts because honestly it is evident that you do not know me as well as you claim.

Judging does get to me though, especially when I share with you personal information about me and instead of you being an educated & humane thinker you choose to regress into a bigoted primitive person in your thoughts.  In today's society things evolve in minutes, gone are the days where it takes days and weeks for things to change. What you may know at  7am has changed by 715am.  In the age of  Twitter, Facebook, Internet Messaging, I phones, Blackberry's Skype and etc...media/knowledge changes so instantly that we don't have time to sometimes absorb what you initially knew.

In today's society ignorance or responding in an ignorant way is not acceptable.  

If you can take time to write a Facebook/Twitter status you can take time to research the subject that you are about to say/leave a negative comment about. If you can text someone, purchase an item on the internet, operate a computer, run, skip or jump you STILL don't have the right to remain ignorant on ANY subject unless it is molecular biology or the effective schematic of how to reroute a binary ISP, LOL!!! 

Simply:  There is no reason ANY person should be or RESPOND ignorantly to any given subject at hand unless it is some analytical/theoretical graduate course that makes no Godly sense.

We no longer should look to others to police our thoughts or actions.  We must and are required to police ourselves when we are wrong, especially when you KNOW you are wrong. 

Whether you choose to admit it or not is not the question.  

If there is something that you do not understand or don't have full information on, take time to go to that same internet that you get your jollies on and look it up in-depthly.  Take some time to really learn something about it and then formulate your views.  Having knowledge on something is exclusive to opinion.  Why? Because the facts remain the same no matter who voices their views on that same fact. How you argue your opinion or persuade someone of your opinion does not remove the facts of an issue/item.

So with all this said, I would hope to encourage people to seriously think about the ramifications of what you say when you open your mouth to others on their personal lives especially when that mouth is speaking ignorantly on a subject they have not given due study to.  Not only do you offend the one you have exposed your foolery to but you just might end up becoming even more offended by the words that are directed back at you.  I pride myself on being very particular with my words so as not to INTENTIONALLY insult a person.  I always say, "I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I will NOT apologize for how I feel about a subject. However I will apologize if what I said hurt you because that never is/was my intent"  

Lastly and very importantly, people seriously take the time to learn something about the subject you're speaking on -- you may find, that what you THINK you know is completely untrue, unfounded or has been disproved.  

Then who is the one standing with egg on their face?? 


  1. Thanks for providing (via twitter) the link to your post, I enjoyed it. Don't wait another 8 months for your next post, and do let me know via Twitter.

  2. This post is a reminder of my online mantra: Don't type or send any negative comment or statement. I may not follow it precisely, but I try... You never know who might examine your twitter timeline from many months before. It's a very insightful post. Thanks for bring it to my attention on Twitter!