08 January, 2011

Open Vessels...are you available??

So I started my new job on Monday, I reported to work just like the good little worker bee.  Early & eager to do the task set before me and then...

I find out that my director has decided to change my position and eliminate the role of Executive Assistant.  So I am like, OK!  As long as I get paid and still got a job - I don't care!!

Ya'll I think God is the original stand-up comedienne because the way he works is straight hilarious!  

So my new position is...Technology/Computer Coordinator for the club, LOL!  I laugh because those who know me and know my resume knows this is all me up, down and sideways! Did I not just write on my last blog about serving and educating???  So I am now responsible for the computer lab, all computers in the center and providing programming for the kids.  My kids are aged 5-12, so ya'll know -- I am in for it!  

The transition was smooth of course since I already have that background, let me tell you -- them kids hate me something AWFUL!  I wish you could hear me laughing, it tickles me sooooo!  Well there was absolutely NO structure in the computer lab and being the child of an educator you know the first thing I did was get in there plop some rules down quick fast and in a hurry! 
The rules are(more may come later)
  1. Students must ask if they may use a computer
  2. Students must sign in the computer log to what computer they will be using.
  3. Students may only use the computer for 30 minutes for non-homework related time.
  4. Students may NOT go to Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, BBgames, Miniclip, FreeRealm or any gaming website with the ability to chat.
  5. Students must properly close, log off the computer and place their chair back at their desks when done.
I am not having Chris Hansen of  Dateline's "To Catch A Predator" showing up at my Boys & Girls club!! hummph!

Those kids were sucking their teeth, rolling their little eyes, moaning, groaning and sending virtual killer arrows at me when I went over the rules.  You should have heard them yelling and fussing, LOL!!!  Several of them even decided to play the age old game of "press your luck"on me and ended up losing computer privileges the whole day and as I told one little Miss Growny (all of 4ft nothing and attitude bigger than Aretha Franklin and RuPaul combined) "Keep it up and you won't use the computer at all this week, this month OR for the rest of the year. "NOW RUN TELL THAT"  ahhahaa I really said run & tell that and was about to break out into the Antoine Dodson song, LMBO! That child stomped away from me -- like I stole her whole life away!

Now I was raised in one of those hard-core southern families, so being mean to children is like breathing, hahaha!  I say that in humor, but I am a strict parent, will sting my 3-years old behind or hand in my sleep! Think I am playing, watch my smoke and I will dare ANYBODY to call DSS/CPS on me! He came out my womb he's gonna do what I say! So anyhow, my week with the kids was too fun for me.

On a side note, I realized how out of shape I am in! Sitting home for 1 year and half does nothing for a woman's figure but make her look like a sack of potatoes!  I have elected to start the butt-kicking Master Cleanse on Monday, January 10, 2011.  I am going to attempt to do it for 10-days by the will of God and go right into the Daniel Fast.  Not only do I want to strengthen my spiritual life but I believe both of these will help me be more focused with my weight-loss and mentally condition me for the journey ahead with my kiddies!  I came home from church today and made some lamb meatballs with spicy eggplant tomato sauce and jasmine rice. 

Here's the recipe if you want it Lamb meatball recipe  

You say what is bad about that...well I am a carb-holic and I gotta get all of these carbs up and out of my home.  I have Wasabi Peas, Wheat Thin Garden Vegetable chips(taste like delicious crackers), Kosher Dill Kettle potato chips, Bordeaux Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Potato Bread and more...I am going to have to give this stuff to my neighbor!!  

The Lord just keeps on blessing me!!  So last week when I called my rental office to find out what the credit had been made to my rental account she told me it was $375 and then a member in my church gave me a brand-new microwave for Christmas and brought it to church today!  I am so thankful!  I just sat in church today and cried.  There is no feeling in this world -- like knowing God really has his hands on your life.  If we would only -- just only yield so he can manifest your life in his way! God only wants to use the talents/gifts he has blessed you with to make a difference not only in others life but YOURS also.  He wants you to feel complete and content with the ability to serve, educate and perform whatever task he sets before you without hesitation and with confidence in knowing that it will be accomplished, SUCCESSFULLY!  For you to fill gratification in whatever you do -- and not feel lacking or that you have failed the task.  At the risk of sounding clich√© "God really does love us. He really really does!" 

It really took me a while to learn this -- seriously.  When the choir sung, "Lord I am available to you" today I finally understood the true meaning of the words "my storage is empty and I am available to you".   I have finally really let myself be free to let God use me and it is such a peace and joy that comes from just letting go. When you cry -- you no longer cry from sadness. You cry from depth, meaning, purpose and plain old joy!  

God is using me at this club with those kids and although next Sat, I may come back and say I want to drop a bomb on the club -- I will not quit and I will still do exactly what he has instructed me to do!!

Pray for me as I start this cleanse!  I really am ready for this it - in order for God to supply me with good oil he must have a clean vessel to put it within.

Ciao' Bella!

Take a look at my video of the week. It spotlights what our youth can do if only we take the time to educate them and raise them in the way the God has instructed.

Lord I'm Available To You


  1. Wishing you mucho success at the gig darling!!!
    and the meatballs sound delish!!....xo...k

  2. Fawn you are so right! Once we truly understand what God is trying to do for us is when we start truly seeing his plan for us! Us being placed is certain situations is a testament to his will that we can get thru it. Great advice as always!!

  3. I am just like clay
    malleable, just waiting
    for Your Hands to mold

    - - -

    I had no idea when I wrote that haiku in High School how meaningful it was. I just penned it, not realizing the true significance.

    And it's so interesting - totally not a coincidence - that at this point in my life, I'm sitting here, reading this blog that you wrote. It's like affirmation to what I've been feeling lately in my heart.

    We all have our individual Purposes in life. God has a plan for us. All we have to do is to submit and wait to be shown. God will do the rest.

    Love this blog, sis! <3


  5. Fawn, I'm so excited for you may. May your journey be filled with joy and excitment as you educate our youth. Sending love and blessing to you and you handsome son.

  6. CONGRATS FAWN!!! I'm delighted to see you walking in the light of favor, you expressed a LOT sis...

  7. SIS: Isn't God Amazing? We have been on this journey TOGETHER & I KNOW first hand the JOY you are experiencing RIGHT NOW. I Cracked up when I read the rules. Please let those kids experience the softer side of you as well...LOL
    Love ya sis. TTYS


  8. I had to stop by your blog link, and I'm glad I did. It's full of sunshine and peaceful words which we all need to see sometimes. Thanks for the invite. Salaam