17 January, 2011

Walk not run....

So last week was definitely a change for my local community.  We received snow and of course like most southern cities it shut ours down for 3 WHOLE days!  The third day wasn't even needed truth be told. So that meant I did not get back to work until Thursday, which was alright with me since Friday I was off anyhow.  While out on my unexpected Winter wonderland break, it allowed me some time to catch up on the blogs, I like to read and listen to.  I like to listen to radio podcast and blog talk radio I confess, it makes me feel like I am listening to talk radio/NPR which is one of my favorite type of radio programming.  I have enough music of my own so I don't need to spend my time in transit listening to some foolish radio personality and his buffoon team play music that I would never buy!

Many of the topics as of late were all relationship oriented don't know if that is always a common thread but never the less that is what they were discussing.  It amazes me the volume of people in this world who are constantly blaming their lives on (insert person or excuse here).  I believe that an adult person needs to take accountability and responsibility for the current life that you have.  Nothing and I mean nothing happens by chance or just because.  Some where along the way we have participated in certain decisions that have led us to the current circumstance that we are in.  Whether it is being unemployed, a bad relationship, bad communication with family members, not financially stable, weak spirituality or whatever it is -- we partially are responsible for where we are right at this moment.

We must begin to stop blaming the white man, the black man, the black woman, the white woman, momma/daddy or lack thereof, being poor, uneducated or whatever your crutch is.  

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a grown adult. SO START FROM THERE!  

Leave all the nonsense behind and alone.  Stop accusing/blaming others.  I listen to one blog talk radio and I promise you it sounded like the re-enactment of the Sister Circle from the Jungle Fever movie where Lonnette Mckee was talking about how the black man is (feel free to fill in the blank with ANY HOST of negativity).  In my mind I was like seriously??  Seriously this is where we still are??  I am so sick of black women blaming the black man for every single freaking thing!  I mean these women to me were so trivial as to say because it rains its the black mans fault!  On the flip side I am tired of hearing many black men do the same....

People get a grip, all people of all ethnicities have issues. Just because you are not privy to them doesn't mean they are not there.  People need to learn to execute common sense, good judgement, and logic and stop being sucked in by mislead wounded people spewing their own propaganda.  And don't give me that "Common sense isn't so common" excuse.  We all have a conscience, we hear those whispers telling us when we should leave something alone or not do xyz however you push forward ignoring your truth. 

Now you're to quote my daddy (Lord knows he had a way of words) "Sliding down a razor blade into an alcohol river" OUCH! Sounds painful right?!  That is exactly what you're doing -- when you continue to execute poor judgement in all areas of your life. Whether it is mentally/emotionally, physically, spiritually, on your job or in the variety of relationships that we have with people every day.  

People race through life ignoring the obvious and don't take the needed time to let things evolve and play out. We jump in and out of relationships like you are changing your jeans! Shoot you might wear or have a pair of jeans longer than the person you were last involved with!  You do not give yourself the needed to time to really get to know someone before you are full throttle engulfed into their lives and this is not limited to sex.  I mean you have your hands in their family life, business life, social life even in their spiritual life. 


Take a step back -- no don't just take a step back take a whole staircase of steps back!  How are you fixing someone else's life and your's is in crumbles?  Many of you know of the trials I have experienced throughout 2010 and I am still on that road to wellness that I spoke of a couple months ago.  People sometimes assume because you are no long speaking of something -- means you are no longer continuing it -- that is not so.  Some of you need to take some relationship breaks and that is inclusive of the married that read my blog.  For the married that means you need to remove yourself from those that are too heavily involved in your marriage and you need to stop doing so much work outside of the home and start working inside of your own home.  The old saying says "Charity starts at home".  

For the singles like me -- begin to learn yourself. Learn what it is that you love about your self and the things that you sincerely need to correct and improve and stay the hell out of other peoples relationships!  

I promise you there are some seriously meddlesome people in this world male/female a like.  We don't need to read all these self-help magazines, books, DVDs and etc for you to know that you're on the slippery slope to hell!  

Just wake up and stop running!

Begin a stroll, a leisurely walk.  Take your time, start paying attention to the details, start really listening and tuning in and respond accordingly.  Stop second guessing your judgement and allowing others to make decisions for you and your home.  Take back the control for the direction you want to go, stop being so passive-aggressive in life and I honestly guarantee you that 2011 will be better than years past.  

The video of the week is from one of my truly truly favorite R&B singers Rahsaan Patterson!

Don't Run So Fast - Rahsaan Patterson: After Hours Album


  1. Sometimes we must walk alone briefly in order to focus on HIM and all that HE wants us to become. Know that there is alway help from HIM and from people whom you least expect. GOD always gives us an aid other the the Holy Spirit. Sometimes this person is just waiting in the distance. Though you already know this, encouraging words are always good.

  2. I enjoyed this. Good read. Full of advice for those willing to listen.

  3. Usually when things shift...it's not so much about blaming as it is about allowing it to unfold to greater good....namaste