13 March, 2011

I'm Not NATURAL, I'm Relaxer-Free

I have been watching many YouTube videos and I have come to determine that I am not Natural I am just Relaxer-free.

Why do you I say this you ask?  

Well, I color my hair, the products I use are NOT homemade and/or purchased from an "All Natural" seller/creator.
The food I eat is not vegan/vegetarian. 
The clothing I wear is not hemp or 100% cotton.
The products I use interms of makeup and skin care are not all Natural either.


I honestly feel that some women within the "Natural" Community are what I deem to be Natural Nazis!  What I mean is, if you are not using non-sulfate, non-silicone, pure this and pure that then obviously that is the reason why I am not achieving the"success" or "results" that I am seeking.  Sometimes I feel that some do not respect others walk in Relaxer/Chemical-free hair care.  They want to verbally force/attack you because you opt not to adapt the routine they are using for their hair.

Just because you and I may have similar hair texture/type now by default I am supposed to use the same products?   Break the bank ordering a gazillion different items for my hair and thus developing into some product junkie searching for the holy grail of hair products?

All the while do you put the same effort into the items that you eat??

Are you supporting your local and organic community within your area with the items you ingest and wear? Or are you only concerned about using Natural Products JUST for your hair?


Things you ingest also affect the texture of your hair and condition of your scalp/skin.

What about environment?  Do you recognize that just because you may be a Type (fill in the blank on your hair type or texture) hair living in New York, Florida, California or Oregon that does not mean the same products will affect and effect my type 3C hair on the North Carolina coast or Las Vegas or Tennessee.
My hair has different needs than yours depending upon the area you live in.

What about cost?  I don't know about others but as much as my heart may want to support many of the Natural products and lines, I just can not do it!  Many of us are either unemployed, damn near close to being unemployed, or living pay check to pay check.  Some develop a "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality in terms of constantly purchasing hair products all the while never giving the previous product they purchased enough time to penetrate their hair to see if it will effectively work.

And Lastly I am not a freaking beautician!  If I wanted to go to beauty school to learn about all the dog gone products within certain items and how they do what they do -- I would have trotted my big butt right on there. BUT I DIDN'T

So don't come at me with I need not use "cone's", sulfate, ethyl alcohol or whatever...all things are not bad -- just as all things are not good.

I am for balance in all you do.  

Being too extreme in anything can polarize others and make it difficult for some to accept or relate to your decision.  Whether you say you care or not, most people do care what other's think and don't be so aggressive in your "suggesting" or "advice" to others in regards to personal choices.

I decided to write this post after reading a variety of comments of various YouTube channels. There are some women who are rude and straight nasty in their delivery when speaking to people in terms of their YouTube videos and what products they use or don't use.  They get into comment wars going back and forth with one another opposed to respecting another's choices and realizing that maybe you are not in a position to afford that $45 hair butter or $38 Hair Lotion, oh and I'd like to add that is without tax and shipping/handling!!!  

I really needed to vent my thoughts and through a line out there and see if there were others even if it were just one who felt the same way I have been feeling.  I don't need an explanation or excuse why people do what they do but I do want people to please just stop being "Hair Bullies and Natural Nazi's"

If you are offended by my post then deal with it -- maybe you are one of the ones who are inflicting discomfort on the rest of us.

Thank you in advance,

P.S. Those who know me and their are several in this community who do know me -- know me not to be a negative person at all -- however when something really irks me, I chose to go ahead and speak on it, be done and move on.