22 April, 2011

G.O.A.L.S = Getting Over All Limitations Successfully

In the past I have spoken about how I have a goal of returning back to school and completing my education.  For a while I was in school working towards my Paralegal degree, however a road block occurred and so this semester I am not in school.  At first I will be honest, I was so frustrated I could not even see straight.  If you know me, then you know how passionate it means to me to complete my education.

Right now in my life, I feel not only for personal accomplishment but fiscally, the only way I am going to be able to provide a secure environment for my son and I is either through the acquisition of a very good job, attaining my degree or my business begin reaping some financial rewards preferably all three.  Although, the goal that I most desire above all is to walk across someones stage and be conferred my Baccalaureate degree.  When I tell you that is my immediate passion, it makes me angry every time I think of all that I am having to go through just to have this goal accomplished!

Financially life is such a challenge for myself, I am sure like many of you.  I chose to focus on the blessings that I have and not allow the day-to-day issues to constantly way me down.  At times, it takes all the strength, I have just to smile even though I know of the blessings I have received and I know that things will get better. So to add school into the mix you know some days I want to just scream, but I am not a quitter and I am pushing forward and finding some way to jump these hurdles that are placed in from me.  

Getting Over All Limitations Successfully can be a major challenge on a person's psyche if you allow it.  The task is to do what you can do and not quit even when it seems impossible.  My email signature says Don't look at your situation, look at your destination" and I have to constantly remind myself of this DAILY!  I don't have some magical tip or some catchy cliché that well help you view your personal goal in some new outlook.  I think that honestly just lies within you.  Whether you chose to continue to have that tenacious fervor to keep chipping at your goal until you obtain what you are seeking.  For me when I assess my current lifestyle and I think of my child that is more than enough to keep fire on my tail to keep on going.  I surround myself with a community of friends that will continuously seed into me to move forward and not quit.  Recently I made the decision to reapply at my former college to complete an online degree through their distance education division.  I believe the first step in accomplishing your goals is having a made up mind and the second step is completing whatever task that is going to allow your to accomplish those goals, for me that was filling out an application for re-admittance.  Sometimes we procrastinate doing things out of fear which delays the accomplishment of your goal.I had to learn to stop shuffling my feet on the things that I claim to be important and immediately do what is necessary for me to move forward in my goals.