27 January, 2012

The Fullness of Time...

The Fullness of Time

I am the type of person that LOVES to celebrate the success and blessings of other people.  I have watched my brother Chef Keith Rhodes from the age of 14 talk about how he wanted to own his own restaurant in the words of Chris Brown "Look at him now" owning two restaurants Catch Restaurant and Phun Seafood Bar, two food trucks an appearance on Top Chef and some work for Food Network.  

I have watched my sister in law Angela Rhodes evolve into a woman of superb business acumen, organization and peace.

I have watched my best friend Lenita Henderson go to INDEPENDENT OVER COMER, owning her own home, car and a career promotion all whilst wrestling the tassels of being a single mother.

I have watched my sister in Christ Leanna Mulcare go to owner of an online jewelry boutique All Diva Things and senior programmer with Cisco.

I have watched my other sister in Christ Dana Williams go to a real certified MINISTER! ~~Real deal Holyfield.

I have watched my cousin Robert Tate go to a College Football Champion Coach!

I have watched my cousin Melissa Haithcox-Dennis to become Dr. Melissa Haithcox-Dennis.
I have watched my friend Eric Thomas aka E T The Hip Hop Preacher go from Youth Week of prayer speaker and College Student to Motivational Speaker, Author and soon to be Dr. Eric Thomas. Speaking to those who "Have the Power", so to speak.

When you learn to celebrate others in your life GENUINELY and not COVETOUS/ENVIOUSLY and truly rejoice in their comeuppance as passionate as they are about their blessing. You too will be blessed in YOUR TIME.

God speaks of the fullness of time. The fullness of time is not about seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years. It is about the time when he deems that you have been proofed, tried and tested and now ready to be elevated to the next level. The people I listed above are just a few of those around me that I share as examples that have had their share of rainy, snowy, cloudy and downright dismal dark days. But all of them serve a RISEN Jesus and he KNOWS when it is right to say Keith, Angela, Lenita, Leanna, Dana, Robert, Melissa, Eric come on down and step into the destiny I have designed for you...but don't get content because I have more in store for you because there will be new trials that will be greater than before to excel you to even higher heights. Man's reward and accomplishments may be fame & fortune but Gods reward is about salvation and all of these people are ministering in their own way to the group they have been called to work through and for. So the next time you start whining about "when Lord and why Lord"


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