27 January, 2012

A Mother's love...

No matter the age sometimes a person can feel so unfulfilled without a mother's love. The pain of losing a mother is one of the strongest hurts a person can ever feel. Sometimes you push the pain away and don't immediately grieve, it may take months or even years for you to truly even weep that hard loss.

A mother's love is significant because if we look at the example of Mary in the Bible in how God used her as a conduit as the vessel to bring the life of Jesus into this world; How in panic Mary was when she realized that Jesus was not with her and Joseph as they traveled back to Nazareth and how she wept at the sight of her son on the cross. Mary knew that God had entrusted in her the safety, care and instruction of Jesus's life.

As a child when part of this pact is not completed the child at question emotionally, mentally, and spiritually suffers. This is why God gives Biblical instruction to parents in Proverbs 22: 6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it."

At times there are extenuating circumstances that can not be controlled such as health issues with a parent and/or random death. In cases such as these it is my belief that God steps in and allows the Holy spirit to be a comforter and he provides a variety of people or maybe even one person to stand in the gap for the mother that is absent.

My mom has been heavy on my mind heavy this week, possibly because next week will be her 61st birthday and I miss her dearly, but in the midst God has provided me sooooo many women and friends that have stepped in and stepped up to help me evolve to where I am.

I know that my commitment to Christ would NOT be as strong if my mom were alive because my mother's faith would be my faith out of default. I'd like to to reassure all who have lost a mother or a parent in general to know that it is ok to feel down and work through those moments. Just don't stay there! Remember God knows his plan even when you don't. The days you want to quit, the days you want to give up, the days the pain is so bad you can't even utter a grunt! God KNOWS!

And if you have children, treasure every moment, I know I sure do. I post a lot of pictures of Dynzcil on my page because he is my joy! He is my Samuel and I am his Hannah! I love my boy so much and I am going to cross the earth to make sure he is provided for the best thing I ever did for him was have him dedicated to Christ at 3months old. He is NOT spoiled by far but Dynzcil has more joy and laughter in his one pinkie than most adults have in their whole body and I am so grateful.

Remember what I told you about the Fullness of time...well again in God's time we all will come into understanding of the things that trouble us so deeply but don't belabor on those issues, don't give the devil and opportunity to take control of your mental state of being.

Get the rest you need and then start a new. Keep pressing on, keep smiling and keep loving.

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