13 June, 2012

Family Love

I have come to realize that I have family members and people in my life that I care a whole lot about and love but it is has become very obvious they do not feel the same about me.  Family is more than just an affiliation, sharing of blood lines or last names.

It also means but not limited to, reaching out on occasion -- calling and checking on someone. Send a simple text, email or voicemail to say I love you and you are on my mind.  Not being so wrapped in your own lives that the only ones you consider family are the ones you have immediately around you because that is who you lay your eyes on every day.

We can not pick and chose who God gives us as biological family, yet we can respect, show appreciation for them and let them know they too are valued and worthy EVEN if they are not making the strides that you are.

Each person's walk is individual -- yet unique.

Exhibiting God's love does not begin with those outside of your home it begins right in YOUR home.  Then moves outward to be a reflection of what is being shared there.

Many will tell a friend, church/work family or social network associate that they love them before even opening their mouths to the ones that God has GIVEN to YOU.

Everyone's life has meaning and purpose - something that can always be learned from regardless if you have gone through their experience or not.

Whether you understand their choices, their character or their personality means NOTHING if you are not first doing what God has already and constantly does for us each and every day -- and that is to UNCONDITIONALLY without expectation LOVE our siblings, parents and cousins.

I encourage you to evaluate your life today.

Stop thanking the Lord for Loving you for the sinner you/WE are - if you are NOT willing to LOVE the imperfect people in yours..

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