19 August, 2012


I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow.

With that said know that "sowing" does not always have a negative attribute attached to it.  Sowing can also have a positive outcome.

I believe in sowing into my environment, family and most importantly those within my contact.  As you begin a new week, I'd like you too reflect upon your actions and words.

Do they uplift, encourage, support, bring joy or love into someones life?

Do they give them inspiration, challenge them to make better decisions for their life, push them to evolving into greatness?

Sow, into those you care about.  Plant seeds of hope, determination, victory, love, prosperity, promotion, and peace into their lives.

Learn to stop tearing people down via what your presume that is going on.  Learn to wait and get the whole story before making your own assessment on what you think is the real story.

Learn to be honest with yourself and your friends. Wake up and say something positive and NOT "Damn its Monday again"  Or "eff my Life".  See, that negativity that is attached to your mood is like a magnet and it brings other negative issues and people into your life.

You may not realize or even care that there is power in the words you speak, but until you do -- you will keep on encountering those same negative, ratchet people that you "so called" detest and most certainly are not alike.

Seed into your life by making up your mind to see things with less of a pessimistic view and more of a hopeful view.  We all have our own book of life, chock full of experiences. One book is no greater or less than another, it is the lessons we come away with that determines the quality of life we will live.

The saying goes, your "Talent will take you further than your Character can keep you" You maybe on top today but if your character and integrity is crappy -- trust me you will be on your way back out that pinnacle of success door just as quickly as you walked in.  So to guarantee, your permanent seat at the table, begin to seed positive words and deeds and let the harvest of those seeds manifest abundantly into your life.

FNR (from my Inspirational book called one day I will stop being lazy and put all these together in a book)

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