17 November, 2012

Hello I am single...

For the record:

When you encounter a person that is single, I find it rude and idiotic when a person says "So why are you single?"  Even if the sentence is supposed to be more a statement than a question either way, I am not a fan.

The older I have become the more particular I have become about the man I want in my life.  I would encourage more to be more selective with whom you elect to be involved with.  

There is absolutely unequivocally NOTHING wrong with being single.  I have never been that woman afraid to do things and go places on my own such as movies, dinner, walks, events, trips, living in other cities or etc.  I never know who I may meet while there.  

Those who are single need to learn to embrace being alone and stop seeing it as some curse on your life.  Just because others are involved (always remember you never know the dynamics of another's relationship) does not mean everything is good.

I will always say everything GOOD does not always come from God. However everything from GOD is always Good.

Think about it and be thankful and at peace with where you are in your life.