14 July, 2013

There will be NO revolution Televised...

I am not surprised or upset by the verdict.
Why? I know the America I live in.

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict is what breaks down race relations in this place we call America. It is what strikes absolute unadulterated fear in families of color AND interacial families. There are no words that our white counterparts can say that can ease the disappointment, hurt, saddness and complete pain that families of color across the US and World combined are feeling at this moment. 

This is not saying that White families are not just as upset -- It is saying that their fear is NOT the same as ours.

That is real.

That is honest.

That is the United States of America.

Quiet as it is kept, I have an inner Angela Davis/Sonia Sanchez - I have never been one to be quiet about what I believe and what is important to me. I am not a loud person, I am more the Administrative Revolutionary - meaning while there are people who are out on the front lines -- I am the one that is back at homebase maning the phones, writing the letters & articles, cooking the food and supporting the ones that hit the streets. It takes all to make change work in their own way. Just today I have two meetings I have to attend and one to assist a local pastor regarding a change in our city.

I stated the below to another friend earlier: The youth of today (anyone under the age of 40-45) will do NOTHING! The most they may do is some online petition -- otherwise by the end of the week it it will be business as usual.

There will be NO Revolution, the closest to a Revolution is folks watching the TV show. 
There will be NO real collective March on Florida and in other cities symbolically doing the same -- the closest they will stand for anything is in a line buying Jordans. 

These are the same youth that do NOT even know OR care to know the words to the Negro National Anthem yet enjoy saying the N-word a gazillion times in today's music and popping their behinds just because the mood hits them.

America, has today's African/Black American's right where she wants them, conditioned and complacent. Even more so than the Slaves and our parents generation. These youth believe everything is "cool:.  Just because now you can marry someone of another race and we live in a homogenous society and all seems well and blended.

Racism, and any other ism has never left the psyche of the American culture. It was just brushed under the living room rug -- only to be revealed when someone truly went to do some serious cleaning of that same living room. 

Just because we have a black President, just because there are Gay TV shows, just because America/The World is more Beige than years of past - does not and will NOT ever mean that People of Color are and ever truly will be accepted in this country.

We have learned to co-exist and accept the obvious and deal with situations ONLY to make noise when something as serious as this verdict occurs.

They are not like the youth in other cities of the world i.e Brazil, Turkey and etc who know true oppression and have risen together to let their government know that they want change.

*I say all this to say* 

What are you willing to do -- to truly take a stand regarding the direction of society - since for me this verdict is a true sign that you/we need to make a decision about the America we live in?