11 September, 2013

I am Light!

I have some truly wonderful women who "SEE" me. 

They see my Light. They refuse to let it darken or go dim. 

They love me so much that they invest their wisdom into me and pray over me regularly. You MUST have people who will NOT let you settle for stinking thinking. You MUST have people who WILL NOT allow you to view yourself negatively and will rebuke the negativity of others around you. 

Just two of those women are my Aunt Brenda and my cousin Joyce. 

Ask God to send you those people of strength that you want to mirror. 

  • Those people who are overcomers. 
  • Those people who success is not measured by the worlds standards of finances, material gain or popularity. 
  • Those people who are humble and meek yet their strength is stronger than a jungle Lion. 

YOU are worth far more than your mind could ever conceive.

Know it. Believe it. Accept it.

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