30 April, 2014

Make it last forever...

One of the most special and treasured relationships I have is with my sister/best-friend. Last night speaking with her - just made me appreciate her so much more. In 24 years, she and I have NEVER argued, disrespected each other or caused the other to feel unappreciated.

What is our secret you ask?

She and I learned how to
1. Accept each other for who we are.
2. Respect each others space.
3. Not cross boundaries.

Just because you have a tenured friendship/relationship with anyone whether it is God-given or biological - that comfortness does NOT give you the right to be disrespectful AND/OR say whatever you feel to each other. People have this twisted thought - that because I "KNOW" you - I can be "HONEST" with you all under the guise of telling you off and getting whatevers on their chest off and onto yours. Using the length or closeness in your relationship as an excuse to cut you with their words.

That is a LIE from the pits of HELL! 

Respect is a highly limited character commodity that very few people are utilizing these days.

When you truly love the person that is within your life - you want to make sure that your love does not hurt, smother, cause pain, or discomfort.

My love for my best friend -- pushes me to show her nothing but unadulterated respect. No matter what we do - where we go or our station in life that will never change.

If you want to truly have a deep long lasting friendship/relationship - learn to respect the other person. 

Trust me your relationship will NOT end until God calls one of you home.

Just a little insight.

Have a great evening.